Eusebia, Paradosis, Arete

The Nature of Dodekatheism

The Greek word Dodekatheism broadly translates as "the worship of the twelve Gods". It means that we practice the religious way of life of ancient Greece in much the same spirit of the ancients; with reverence to the Olympic Gods, and with respect for the poets and the philosophers.

Ancient Greek does not have a word for "religion". Traditionally, the word "threskia" was used to describe spiritual and ritual practice. To the ancient Greeks, religion was a way of thinking and living, rather than a pre-fabricated identity or set of ideas. We strive to keep this inquiring and open spirit alive in the modern revival, which is called Dodekatheism within Greece and elsewhere, and sometimes "Hellenismos", "Hellenism" or simply "Greek religion".

We understand Dodekatheism to embrace a wholehearted dedication to the great and holy Gods of Hellas, and a willingness to live ones life in accordance with the principles of piety, tradition and honour. Such a worldview necessarily precludes any allegiance to monotheistic religions and to any form of occultism and 'neopaganism'.

Full membership of Elaion requires an oath to this effect.

Exploring Dodekathiesm

If you are not yet sure that Dodekatheism is for you, we recommend joining our informal Yahoo group, where you can explore threskia and other aspects of our religion further..

You are welcome to contact Bob at (membershipcouncil at elaion dot org) with any questions, although you may wish to view our Frequently Asked Questions page first.

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